Terms and Conditions

Sale Terms

a. It is hereby informed that “TECHNOCRAT INFOTECH PRIVATE LIMITED” is a marketing and seller company and is not a manufacturer.

b. Our responsibility ceases the moment items leave our warehouse.

c. We give appropriate printed GST receipts every item we sell; we do not sell any items without GST receipts. Assuming you really want your organisation’s GST Number printed on the receipt then kindly mention the same in the comment box which you can find during order request or simply mail us at just after placing the order mentioning your transaction details and your query. Additionally you have to provide GST certificate of your organisation in order to receive the GST receipt.

d. Any items bought from us for any special utilisation in an abnormal environment other than ordinary use should be informed to us during the time of purchase otherwise the warranty should be recognised as null and void.

e. No purchaser can defer liability on grounds of ignorance of terms and conditions.

f. For “Dead on Arrival (DOA)” item purchaser needs to ensure that all the parts and accessories of the item must be there in the box which comes with it, failing will result in disapproval as a DOA case and will be treated as Return Merchandise Authorisation (RMA).

g. Physical harm/ mishandling of items/ tampering of warranty stickers – don’t cover warranty. All items sold by us require a technically qualified PC Hardware Engineer for installation.

h. Technocrat Infotech Private Limited has the privilege to cancel any order requests related to cost or stock issues.

i. The court at KOLKATA will have exclusive jurisdiction for concluding any debates emerging out of this sale contract.

Warranty and Return Merchandise Authorisation (RMA) Terms

a. All items sold by us are in carry-in warranty excepting EPSON printers, AOC monitors, Luminous UPS and all types of laptop which comes with an On-Site warranty. Both side delivery charges should be paid by the purchaser to RMA the item which is outside our policy window.

b. On-Site warranty is just covered under the brand’s reach, in the event that your area is outside the brand’s reach then your warranty service naturally changes to Carry-In service.

c. Our delivery service for shipping RMA items back to you does not cover protection for the harm caused in transit and we are not accountable for anything in such case.

d. Where the words “Direct Warranty” or “Manufacturer Warranty” means that the Manufacturer/ Distributor is offering warranty directly to the customers. We do not have any financial and legal liabilities for the same. In case if you are facing any issues in claiming the warranty, feel free to reach us at our official contact number 033 4010 5500 (Within 10:30 AM to 7:00 PM/ Monday to Saturday) or simply mail us at

e. We request the client to send a duplicate copy of our invoice for warranty purposes generally when there is a service issue for items.

f. Merchandise once sold will be acknowledged for warranty repair/ replacement provided that they are in good physical condition.

g. Items with damaged/ burnt pins, markings with pen and pencil, breaks, missing/ altered parts/ damaging the warranty stickers will be dismissed and considered warranty void in the above conditions.

h. Span of RMA/ WARRANTY CLAIM is according to the brand’s concern, kindly don’t contend with us for the deferrals as we don’t have anything to do with that, we are simply assisting you with getting your item serviced/ replaced.

i. Warranty provision stands void for harm caused due to misusing of equipment for any reasons causing harm to the items due to lack of knowledge, inappropriate handling, power issue, etc., on the basis that under the typical circumstances there would have been no harm of the item.

j. Warranty is against manufacturing defects only, and according to the maker’s warranty policy. In case the manufacturer has a local service centre then for claiming the warranty a purchaser need to reach the nearest service centre directly along with their purchase invoices and warranty cards.

k. Items under warranty will either be fixed or replaced according to makers/ supplier warranty policy.

l. We deserve the right to dismiss the material received for warranty without accessories, instruction manuals, Software CDs/ DVDs and external box packing.

m. Any service litigations or issues should address straightforwardly to makers/ distributors address only. We are not answerable for any prosecution thereof.

n. Warranty service will be provided just where the full payment is made on the due date.

o. This service assistance of (RMA/ WARRANTY CLAIM) is certainly not a dependable service that can be provided for a lifetime. This is an exceptional service to our clients who face troubles in claiming their warranty or have no local service centre. We have all the privilege to cancel this customer assistance without any prior notice.

General Terms

a. All data displayed, communicated, or carried on by Technocrat Infotech Private Limited is safeguarded by copyright other intellectual property regulations.

b. This website is updated and maintained independently by Technocrat Infotech Private Limited. The content is claimed by Technocrat Infotech Private Limited. You may not change, distribute, communicate, transfer, sell, imitate, and create derivative work from, convey, repost, perform, show, or in any way commercially exploit any of the content.

c. Technocrat Infotech Private Limited deny all warranties or conditions, express or implied, (including, but is not limited to, implied warranties or conditions of information and context). We will consider ourselves and have exclusive jurisdiction over the courts in Kolkata, India.

d. Technocrat Infotech Private Limited holds the right, in its sole discretion, to cancel or withdraw the assistance whenever required PC virus, bug, or other technical issue corrupts the security of proper service administration.

e. Technocrat Infotech Private Limited respects the confidentiality of its associates’ information. We do not share or reveal data about your visits to our site or any personal information that you might gave us, for example your name, residential address, email ID, or contact number, to any external sources.

f. Technocrat Infotech Private limited has the privilege to deny assistance to anyone at any moment.

g. Technocrat Infotech Private Limited won’t utilise your confidential data without your consent and will give the means to you to manage and control the data that you have given. We will enable you to tell us about your security worries and we will answer them precisely.

h. Technocrat Infotech Private Limited does not reveal any confidential data to advertisers/ sponsors and for other marketing and promotional purposes that could be utilised to distinguish you personally for example your password, credit card number, and bank account details.

i. Technocrat Infotech Private Limited is not liable for unwanted damages of the products caused due to natural calamities like rain, storm, thunder lightning, earthquake or by other factors such as fire/ burns, sudden electrical surge (high voltage) and falling of building etc.